Africana and African American Studies Minor

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The Africana and African American studies minor provides students with an interdisciplinary approach to central issues in African, African Diaspora, Caribbean, and African American history, literature, and culture. The minor permits students to concentrate in one of these areas or to combine courses from among the many offerings to create a distinctive program.

The Africana and African American studies minor encompasses the multidisciplinary and comparative study of African history and culture, and the study of the African Diaspora throughout the world, from Europe to Asia as well as to North and South America. The program recognizes the global and transnational dimensions of contemporary African Diasporic experiences in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin American nations. It thus offers a wide variety of courses that are taught across several disciplines in the University. Students are strongly encouraged to select courses reflecting the breadth of offerings in the minor across the University of New Hampshire's undergraduate curriculum.

The program presents strong offerings in Africana studies because an understanding of Africa is central to the study of the African Diaspora. The program also features many courses in African American Studies because many aspects of African American history and culture have been central to the development of the United States, highlighting both the nation's problems and its promise, and affecting virtually all areas of academic study through the years, from the humanities and social sciences to the physical sciences. Students are encouraged to take courses from a variety of departments and disciplines. The minor therefore is designed to serve the needs of all students, regardless of their ethnic or cultural background, complementing their work in their major fields of study while serving also as a focused corrective to traditionally marginalized approaches to Africana, African Diasporic, Caribbean, and African American experiences.

Africana and African American studies consists of five 4-credit courses, including one course from a list of introductory courses related to the student's choice of concentration and four other approved offerings. Students must take at least one course at the 600 or 700 level. The required introductory course provides students with a general understanding of the broad and diverse spectrum of Africana and African American subjects. Electives enable students to develop their understanding in more focused courses (listed below) in various fields of study. There is an opportunity to earn credits toward the minor through a study abroad experience in Ghana in West Africa. (Contact the Center for the Humanities for details.) There is also an independent study option under the AFAM 795 Independent Study designation, which allows a student to work closely with a faculty member on a research project and/or internship relevant to any aspect of Africana and African American Studies. Students must earn a C- or better in each course, and maintain a 2.0 grade-point average in courses taken for the minor. Electives may include special topics courses as approved by the program, a senior seminar, internship, or study abroad credits.

Students interested in minoring in Africana and African American studies should contact:

Funso Afolayan
408 Horton Hall
(603) 862-3026

Introductory Courses
Select one of the following:4
Introduction to Race, Culture, and Power
Peoples and Cultures of the World (Only topic D) Sub-Saharan Africa)
Introduction to African American Literature and Culture
Ethnicity in America: The African American Experience in the 20th Century
African American History
African American History
History of Africa from the Earliest Times to 1870
History of Modern Africa: 1870 to the Present
Slavery and Society in Pre-Colonial Africa
Elective Courses
Select four elective courses 116
Total Credits20

Electives are approved for the minor and announced each semester on the Africana and African American studies website. Courses that are partly devoted to the concerns of Africana and African American studies may count for the minor, if the instructor will allow the student to focus a significant amount of coursework on this field of study. Approval by both the minor coordinator and the course instructor is required for such courses.

Pre-approved Electives

ANTH 500Peoples and Cultures of the World (Only topic B) South America)4
ANTH 500Peoples and Cultures of the World (Only topic D) Sub-Saharan Africa)4
ANTH #627Urbanization in Africa4
EDUC 797Special Topics in Education (Teaching Race)4
ENGL 581
Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures in English
and Honors/Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures in English
ENGL 609Ethnicity in America: The African American Experience in the 20th Century4
ENGL 681Introduction to African Literatures in English4
FREN #526Introduction to Francophone Cultures4
FREN 676Topics in Francophone Culture4
HDFS 757Race, Class, Gender, and Families4
HIST 444DSlavery and Society in Pre-Colonial Africa4
HIST 497Explorations in Historical Perspectives4
HIST 587History of Africa from the Earliest Times to 18704
HIST 588History of Modern Africa: 1870 to the Present4
HIST #589Islam in Africa4
HIST 600Explorations (only topic Race, Gender, Science, and African-American Experience)4
HIST 611Civil War Era4
HIST #625Southern History and Literature since the Civil War4
HIST #684History of Southern Africa since 16524
MUSI 460Jazz Band1
PSYC 791Advanced Topics (only topic Psychology of Race)4
SOC #745Race, Ethnicity, and Inequality4
WS 401Introduction to Women's Studies4
WS 595Special Topics4