Gerontology Minor

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The gerontology interdisciplinary minor provides students with the opportunity to examine and evaluate the aging process as it affects the individual and society within the United States. Through a multidisciplinary course selection, students develop an understanding of aging from a variety of perspectives with a focus on how people age physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Students are encouraged to analyze the historical and philosophical foundation from which policies, programs, and professional activities affecting the aged are developed, implemented, and evaluated. The purpose of this minor is to prepare students as they enter their career fields on the effects that the growing elderly population will have in every component of modern life.

To complete a minor in gerontology students are required to take a minimum of 20 credits (five courses).

GERO 795 Independent Study, is not a required course but is used by students and faculty as an option for creating an individual experience relating to aging. A faculty member must approve and oversee (mentor) the student's work in GERO 795 Independent Study. Additionally, the GMM coordinator must also approve of the proposal and retain a copy. A copy of the proposal and the final copy will be kept in the student's major academic folder.

Other courses available to students are courses within the various University colleges containing a 50 percent focus on aging in the United States and approved by the GMM coordinator with reviews by the Gerontology Minor Advisory Board.

Students who wish to discuss or find out more about the minor may make an appointment with the GMM Coordinator, College of Health and Human Services, Department of Social Work.

Required courses:
GERO 500I'm Old, So What! An introduction to aging in the United States4
KIN 607Biology of Aging4
Select 3 additional courses. Some of the accepted courses are the following:12
Death and Dying
Developmental Tasks of Adulthood
Adult Development and Aging
Advanced Topics
Social Welfare Policy in a Global Context
Women and Aging
Total Credits20

An updated list of University-wide approved courses may be picked up in the Gerontology Minor Coordinator's office, College of Health & Human Services, Department of Social Work, Pettee Hall.