UNHM Special Topics (UMST)

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Course numbers with the # symbol included (e.g. #400) have not been taught in the last 3 years.

UMST 401 - First Year Seminar

Credits: 1

The focus of this seminar in not on a specific academic subject or field of study; instead, the focus is on the student. This course is intentionally designed and proactively delivered for the purpose of promoting personal success-in college and in life after college--by fostering the development of skills or strategies that are both applicable and valuable across subjects. The course focuses on the following topics: college expectations and opportunities, campus resources, learning styles and strategiesincluding lecture note-taking, test taking, memory and concentration; life management, goal setting, educational planning, career decision-making, health maintenance, diversity and instructor/student relationships. The course integrates personal growth, academic and career success with problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

UMST 500 - Internship

Credits: 1-4

The UNHM internship places students in a variety of business and organizational settings under the direction of a faculty adviser and workplace supervisor. Students fulfill the obligations of the workplace internship plan, as well as complete individually-designed projects of academic merit under the direction of UNH faculty. Open to matriculated students with a 2.5 GPA or better. Students must receive approval of the UNHM internship coordinator. May be taken from 1-4 elective credits per semester, to a maximum of 8 credits. Credit/Fail.

UMST 501 - Money and Independence

Credits: 1

This course provides students with an objective, neutral and current introduction to personal financial literacy. Students develop the skills necessary to establish good financial habits and a healthy financial future. This course helps students to become familiar with fundamental financial concepts including budgeting, credit, contracts, student loans, identity theft and planning for the future. No credit for students who have completed UMST 599 Financial Literacy and Advocacy ot UMST 599 Money Management and Independence.

UMST 521 - Tutor Development

Credits: 3

This interdisciplinary course, team-taught by the Director and Assistant Director of the Learning Center, is intended to prepare undergraduates for working as peer tutors. Students will study theories of adult development, learn several approaches to tutoring in their discipline(s), and practice their tutoring and communication skills. This course may be taken for 2- or 4-credits. Cannot be repeated. Prereq: permission of instructor is required.

UMST 523 - Shared Learning

Credits: 2

Shared Learning aims to teach students about theories of collaborative learning, tutoring, and mentoring and to provide opportunities for the students to apply the theories. Students discuss ethical issues, conflict resolution, and differences in styles or goals. They develop and practice effective communication skills, including reflective listening and constructive feedback.

UMST 525 - Exploring Leadership

Credits: 1

Exploring Leadership seminar is an introductory course on the foundations of student development and leadership. There is a particular focus on student leadership with an emphasis on mentoring new students. The seminar is designed to enable students to formulate and articulate their own personal philosophy of leadership and a leadership action plan. This course is applicable to any student already involved or interested in college leadership. No credit for students who have completed UMST 599: Exploring Leadership.

UMST 526 - Social Justice and Student Leadership

Credits: 1

An exploration of social justice through personal and institutional lenses to analyze power and privilege, discrimination and prejudice, inclusion and equity though the intersections of multiple identities of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability and religion to develop student leaders who will also promote an equitable and inclusive enivronment and serve as social change agents at the college, on the campus, and in a diverse global society.

UMST 531 - Engaging in the Community: Learning through Service

Credits: 1-4

Students provide service to the community while engaging in meaningful experiences that build upon their skills and interests and help develop an awareness of civic issues and community needs. The primary purpose of the course is to work in the community to meet a community need. Student critically reflect on their experiences in a bi-weekly seminar through in-class discussions, readings, and journaling. Course may be repeated for a total of 8 credits.

UMST 581 - Exploring Your Career Options

Credits: 1

This course is designed to teach students how to make informed decisions about their career aspirations. Students will learn to identify essential resources that will assist them in gaining a better understanding of opportunities available to them. Career choice is very personal, therefore each student will identify a minimum of two paths of interest to research. By comparing and contrasting options, participants will be better prepared to accomplish and own their academic and career goals. Letter grades are assigned. This course cannot be repeated for credit. Students who enrolled in UMST 599 Internship and Career Planning Seminar previously are not eligible to take this course for credit.

UMST 582 - Internship and Career Planning Seminar

Credits: 1

This course is strongly encouraged for any student seeking internship and/or employment opportunities. Participants will research and evaluate opportunities related to their career interests, conduct informational interviews, create tailored resumes and cover letters, use LinkedIn as a networking and job search resource, and participate in employer-based resume reviews and mock interviews. This course is open to all students in all majors and is suited for students interning and/or seeking employment within the next six months. Letter grades are assigned. This course cannot be repeated for credit. Students who enrolled in UMST 599 Internship and Career Planning Seminar previously are not eligible to take this course for credit.

UMST 599 - Special Topics

Credits: 1-4

Occasional offerings dependent on availability and interest of faculty, barring duplication of subject, may be repeated for credit.

UMST 601 - Community Based Research

Credits: 4

Students will conduct an authentic research project(s) focused on a local community issue(s) in partnership with a local nonprofit organization(s). The primary purpose of the course is for students to experience the research process working closely with faculty and community partners. All phases of the research process are explored in this seminar style class. Course may be repeated for a total of 8 credits. Instructor permission required.

UMST 799 - Pre-Pharmacy Concurrent Enrollment

Credits: 1-20

Registration place-holder for students completing the fourth year of their B.A. Biology Program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Studies in the Pre-Pharmacy articulation program.