International Affairs (IA)

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Course numbers with the # symbol included (e.g. #400) have not been taught in the last 3 years.

IA 401 - International Perspectives

Credits: 4

Provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary overview of international affairs in a dynamic and interconnected world. The course is team-taught in two modules, each of which highlights perspectives from anthropology, geography, political science, or a related discipline. These modules address global issues such as poverty, conflict, human rights, development, environment, migration, and health. Required for the IA dual major and minor. Must complete IA 401 before the international experience, preferably during the 1st or 2nd year.

IA 501 - Global Issues in International Affairs

Credits: 4

Students analyze the theory and practice of international affairs and acquire practice in designing an independent research project. Topics vary with faculty expertise, and have included war and political violence; global environmental issues, social mobilization and protest, and development, race, and gender. IA 501 further prepares students for their international experience and helps them design individualized research topics for their capstone project in IA 701. This course must be taken before IA 701 and in most cases, before the student undertakes an international experience. Prereq: IA 401. Writing intensive.

Attributes: Writing Intensive Course

IA 695 - Internship

Credits: 2-4

Designed to provide research and work opportunities with an international aspect to UNH undergraduates. Students must take initiative to conduct research with a faculty member or work with an employer in an international context. Prereq: permission from the IA Program Chair. May be repeated up to 8 credit hours. Cr/F.

IA 699 - Topics

Credits: 4

Special topics course with varying subject matter and format. Study of areas and subjects not covered by existing courses. Recommended as a dual major elective.

IA 701 - Seminar

Credits: 4

Capstone of the dual major in international affairs. Emphasizes research and analysis, use of second language skills as appropriate, writing, and critical thinking. Students write their senior capstone papers and present their findings at the spring Undergraduate Research Conference. Prereq: IA 401, IA 501, International experience, IA Dual major. Writing intensive.

Attributes: Writing Intensive Course