Ecogastronomy (ECOG)

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Course numbers with the # symbol included (e.g. #400) have not been taught in the last 3 years.

ECOG 401 - Introduction to Ecogastronomy

Credits: 4

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the principles and practices of EcoGastronomy. It provides students with a foundation for understanding the connections among food production, ecology, ethics, cuisine, nutrition and health within the framework of sustainability. The course includes guest lectures, class discussion, film reviews, activities, and food tastings.

Attributes: Environment,TechSociety(Disc); Technology GP 3T

ECOG 685 - EcoGastronomy Study Abroad

Credits: 20

Open to students studying abroad in the discipline as approved by the EcoGastronomy program director and the student's college dean. Special fee. Cr/F.

Attributes: World Cultures(Discovery); Foreign Culture GP 5

ECOG 695 - Independent Analysis

Credits: 1-4

Study and research project for students to advance knowledge in EcoGastronomy fields. Course may be repeated up toa maximum of 8 credits. Prereq: At least Junior standing and permission.

ECOG 696 - Supervised Student Teaching Experience

Credits: 4

Participants are expected to perform such functions as attending classes, leading discussion groups, assisting faculty, presenting information in undergraduate courses that they have sucessfully completed, holding office hours, grading papers and exams. Enrollment is limited to juniors and seniors who have had above average GPAs. Prereq: permission of instructor, program director, director of advising and ECOG 401.

ECOG 698 - Topics

Credits: 1-4

Special topics and developments in EcoGastronomy. Prereq: junior standing and permission. Course may be repeated when topics change up to a maximum of 8 credits.

ECOG 701 - EcoGastronomy Capstone

Credits: 2-4

This is a one to two-semester course in which students will synthesize their EcoGastronomy experience with their undergraduate education, including their primary major, and will explore an integrated outlook on their professional future. Filed trips, guest lecturers, experimental activities, and related readings and research will provide the foundation for the completion of a portfolio. A research paper is presented at the Undergraduate Research Confernce in the spring. Prereq: ECOG 401 & Study Abroad. Writing intensive.

Attributes: Writing Intensive Course