Aerospace Studies (AERO)

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AERO 301 - Leadership Laboratory

Credits: 0

Taken by all AFROTC cadets throughout enrollment in AFROTC. Command and staff leadership experiences in cadet corps. Air Force customs and courtesies, drill and ceremonies, career opportunities, and life and work of the junior officer. Student leadership potential developed in a practical, supervised laboratory. Cr/F.

AERO 415 - Foundations of the United States Air Force I

Credits: 2

Mission and organization of today's Air Force as an instrument of the U.S. national defense policy. Customs and courtesies, officer-ship, and communication foundations are discussed.

AERO 416 - Foundations of the United States Air Force II

Credits: 2

Air Force installations, fundamentals of Air Force written and verbal communication, and current events of interest to Air Force Officers are discussed.

AERO 541 - Evolution of United States Air Force Air and Space Power I

Credits: 2

The nature of warfare; development of air power from balloons and dirigibles through World War II.

AERO 542 - Evolution of United States Air Force Air and Space Power II

Credits: 2

Development of air power from post-World War II through the peaceful use of air power humanitarian efforts; and research and development of present and future aerospace vehicles.

AERO 671 - Air Force Leadership Studies I

Credits: 4

An integrated management course emphasizing the individual as an officer/leader in the Air Force. Motivation and behavior, leadership, communication, group dynamics, and decision making in a changing environment. Air Force cases studied.

AERO 672 - Air Force Leadership Studies II

Credits: 4

Organizational and personal values; management of forces in change; organizational power, politics, managerial strategy, quality, and tactics; Air Force cases studied.

AERO 681 - National Security Affairs I

Credits: 4

Focus on the armed forces as part of American society, emphasizing civil-military relations in context of U.S. policy formulation and implementation. Requirements for adequate national security forces; political, economic, and social constraints on the national defense structure; impact of technological and international developments on strategic preparedness; the variables involved in the formulation and implementation of national security policy.

AERO 682 - National Security Affairs II

Credits: 4

Focus on attitudes toward the military, socialization processes, role of the professional military leader-manager, and military justice and administrative law.

AERO 695 - Officer Internship (Air Force)

Credits: 4

Experiential learning through class and field work in a military environment. Written analysis required. Prereq: AERO 671 (maybe taken concurrently). Permission of department chair required. For AFROTC cadets only. Cr/F.

AERO 796 - AFROTC Internship

Credits: 1-4

This internship is an Air and Space Studies program which prepares students for careers as Air Force Officers by providing experiential learning in an AFROTC detachment. History or Political Science majors are preferred. The internship is supervised by an Air Force Officer. By permission only. Prereq: AERO 415 and AERO 416, AERO 541 and AERO 542, and AERO 671 and AERO 672.