Hospitality Management Major (B.S.)

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Hospitality Management is more than an area of study; it’s a way of life. At the second-oldest four-year degree program in the country you will study and work using state-of-the art technology and facilities, receiving relevant industry certifications.

The hospitality management program curriculum comprises foundation courses in hospitality management, business administration courses, and a number of University Discovery Program courses. A wide range of elective courses complement the foundation courses. To graduate, students must obtain a 2.3 grade-point average in all major
required courses and a minimum grade of C- in each major course. A student must have a minimum of 800-hours of on-the-job, paid work experience in the hospitality industry; 400 hours must be earned through a structured paid internship. Students may earn up to 6 total credits in internships, independent studies, field experience, and supervised student teaching experiences.


Students can use their electives to enhance their marketability through carefully designed specializations. Students interested in a specialization should notify the faculty coordinator, or Donna Stickney at, by completing a Specialization Registration and Evaluation Form.

Specializations do not appear on diplomas or transcripts, but students who complete a specialization will receive a certificate from the Hospitality Management Program and can enhance their resume. Specialization requirements are below.

  • Food and Beverage Management
    The Food and Beverage Management specialization will provide students with the necessary competencies to pursue careers in restaurants, hotel and resorts, etc.
  • Lodging and Resort Management
    The lodging and resort management specialization will provide students with the necessary competencies to pursue careers in lodging, casinos, resorts, clubs, cruise lines, etc.
  • Event Management
    The event management specialization will provide students with the necessary competencies to pursue careers in Meeting Planning Management, Convention Sale and Service Management, Meetings and Conventions, etc.
  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • The marketing and sales specialization will provide students with the necessary competencies to pursue careers in hospitality market research, sales management, services marketing, etc.
  • Real Estate Finance and Management
    The real estate specialization will provide the foundation skills and necessary competencies to pursue careers in hospitality asset management.

A typical plan of study is as follows, showing the requirements of the program. Students complete 16-18 credits per semester, which includes major requirements, electives for the major, Discovery Program requirements, and free electives offered across the college and university.

Required courses (outside of HMGT):
ADMN 403Computing Essentials for Business1
PAUL 405Freshman Academic Experience I1
PAUL 406Freshman Academic Experience II1
MATH 420Finite Mathematics4
or MATH 424A Calculus for Social Sciences
PHIL 430Ethics and Society4
ADMN 420Business Statistics4
ADMN 502Financial Accounting4
ADMN 575Behavior in Organizations4
ECON 401Principles of Economics (Macro)4
ECON 402Principles of Economics (Micro)4
HMGT required courses:
HMGT 401Introduction to the Hospitality Industry4
HMGT 404Professional Development I1
HMGT 405Introduction to Food and Service Management4
HMGT 504Professional Development II2
HMGT 554Lodging Operations Management4
HMGT 600Hospitality Marketing Management4
HMGT 604Professional Development III2
HMGT 618Uniform Systems for the Hospitality Industry4
HMGT 625Hospitality and Employment Law4
HMGT 635Hospitality Human Resource Management4
HMGT 655Hospitality Finance and Development4
HMGT 661Event Design, Planning, and Management4
HMGT 667Adv Food/Bev Operations Mgt4
HMGT 703Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry4
Three Hospitality Management Electives12

Note: In addition to the foundation courses above, three elective courses in hospitality management are required for completion of the hospitality management curriculum. Using HMGT and free electives, students may opt to pursue one of the following HMGT specializations: