Integrated Agriculture Management (A.A.S.)

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First-year students in IAG take a core of courses covering the basics of soils, plants, and animals. This provides a strong foundation for second-year study, during which the student may either specialize in one or two areas or take courses across the breadth of programs in horticultural technology, applied animal science, forest technology, civil technology, and culinary arts and nutrition. Working closely with a faculty advisor, and benefitting from a wide array of flexible concentration courses, the student in integrated agriculture management designs the path of study that aligns with his or her particular talents and interests.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the Thompson School of Applied Science General Education requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Integrated Agriculture Management (IAG) program. IAG students are required to take:

Required Program Courses

AAS 425Introduction to Dairy Herd Management4
or AAS 431 Introduction to Animal Science
Choose one of the following:3-4
Plants, People, Place
and Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
and Woody Landscape Plants
Fruit and Vegetable Production
FORT 581Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Techniques4
IAG 408Foundations for Living Sustainably in New England4
AAS 432Introduction to Forage and Grassland Management3
HT 415Soils and Land Use2
HT 416Soils and Plant Nutrition2
IAG 597Integrated Agriculture Management Work Experience0
ABM 404AIntroduction to Business I2
ABM 404BIntroduction to Business II2
IAG 490Integrated Agriculture Management Capstone2
Flexible Concentration Courses From The Following20
Horticultural Technology
Plant Propagation
Plant Structure and Function
Horticultural Facilities Mgmt
Irrigation Design
Greenhouse Crop Production
Technical Practices
Introduction to Surveying and Mapping
Surveying and Mapping Lab
Land Design and Regulations
Building Science/Residential Construction
Welding/Fabrication Technology
Internal Combustion Engines I
Internal Combustion Engines II
Culinary Arts and Nutrition
Food Preparation Fundamentals
Baking and Pastry Fundamentals
Hospitality Sanitation and Safety
Cuisine and Culture
Culinary Nutrition
Applied Animal Science
Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Management
Large Animal Behavior and Handling Techniques
Dairy Selection
Equipment and Facilities Management
Fundamentals of Animal Health
Animal Nutrition
Animal Breeding
Animal Business Applications
Dairy Cattle Disease Seminar
Experiential Courses
Cooperative for Real Education in Agriculture Management (CREAM)
Studies in Agricultural Mechanization
Studies in Agricultural Mechanization
Field Operations
Integrated Agriculture Management Work Experience
Forest Technology
Forest Ecology
Forest Surveying and Mapping
Applied Silviculture
NH Sustainable Forest Resource
Wildlife Ecology &Conservation
Forest Products
Forest Harvesting Systems
Forest Fire Control and Use
Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Techniques
Total Credits48-49

Integrated Agriculture Management Program of Study

The curriculum checklist (or roadmap to the degree) that follows is the recommended sequence of courses for IAG students. However, the sequence of when courses are taken can be modified in consultation with the student's faculty adviser.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Required Core Courses:  
AAS 425
Introduction to Dairy Herd Management
or Introduction to Animal Science
Choose one of the following: 3-4
Plants, People, Place
and Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
and Woody Landscape Plants
HT 585 Fruit and Vegetable Production 3
General Education Courses:  
COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading 4
Flexible Concentration Course 1 2-4
Required Core Courses:  
FORT 581 Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Techniques 4
IAG 408 Foundations for Living Sustainably in New England 4
General Education Courses:  
MTH 202 College Algebra 3
Flexible Concentration Course 1 5-8
Second Year
Required Core Courses:  
AAS 432 Introduction to Forage and Grassland Management 3
HT 415 Soils and Land Use 2
HT 416 Soils and Plant Nutrition 2
IAG 597 Integrated Agriculture Management Work Experience 0
General Education Courses:  
SSCI 201
Human Relations
or Social Issues
Flexible Concentration Courses 1 5-8
Required Courses:  
ABM 404A
ABM 404B
Introduction to Business I
and Introduction to Business II
IAG 490 Integrated Agriculture Management Capstone 2
General Education Courses:  
Any TSAS General Education Course 2-4
Flexible Concentration Courses 1 8-10
 Total Credits64-77

 Flexible Concentration Courses: Students select 20 credits from approved courses in the following program areas: horticultural technology, applied animal science, forest technology, civil technology, culinary arts and nutrition, technical practices, or applied business management by working with their faculty adviser. Refer to the Requirements section for a list of approved courses.