Horticulture Technology: Plant Production Concentration (A.A.S.)

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Ornamental, food, and medicinal crop production, whether hydroponics or conventional field agriculture, are areas of great growth potential and life satisfaction.  In the Horticultural Technology Plant Production Concentration, students will learn all aspects of plant crop production in controlled environments and in field production systems.

After learning the fundamentals of soil and plant science, students will develop an understanding of crop production in soil, soil-less and hydroponic systems.  Other areas of study include crop scheduling, crop care, crop health management, plant production business operation, pricing and costing.  Students will also learn about greenhouse design, construction, operation and management.

In addition to comprehensive classroom and field trip studies, students in this concentration will learn extensively by producing crops in the Thompson School’s fully functional greenhouse facility and potentially working in the College of Life Science and Agriculture’s high tunnel production system.

Career Opportunities

Greenhouse grower, manager, operator and owner.  Controlled environment farmer.  Hydroponics grower.  Retail garden center manager and owner.  Medicinal and recreational cannabis grow operation manager, grower, owner.  Field grown and high tunnel farm crop grower, owner, manager.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the Thompson School of Applied Science General Education requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Horticultural Technology Plant Production concentration. Plant Production students are required to take:

HT 404Plant Propagation4
HT 405Plants, People, Place2
HT 407Plant Structure and Function4
HT 415Soils and Land Use2
HT 416Soils and Plant Nutrition2
HT 427Horticultural Facilities Mgmt2
HT 428Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (II)2
HT 458Herbaceous Ornamental Plants2
HT 529Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (Greenhouse Practicum and Capstone I)2
HT 530Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (Greenhouse Practicum and Capstone I)2
HT 557Woody Landscape Plants3
HT 575Hydroponics2
HT 576Greenhouse Crop Production2
HT 585Fruit and Vegetable Production3
HT 597Horticultural Work Experience0
ABM 404AIntroduction to Business I2
ABM 404BIntroduction to Business II2
COM 210Public Speaking3
FORT 578Forest Insects & Diseases2
SAFS 679Food Production Field Experience I4
SAFS 680Food Production Field Experience II4
TSAS 405AComputers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications2
TSAS 405BComputers in the Workplace II/Focus on Hardware, Internet, Applications and Security2
Choose one of the following:4
Managerial Accounting
Applied Sales
Small Business Law
Total Credits59

Plant Production Concentration Program of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
HT 407 Plant Structure and Function 4
HT 415 Soils and Land Use(1//2 term) 2
HT 416 Soils and Plant Nutrition 2
HT 427 Horticultural Facilities Mgmt 2
MTH 202 College Algebra 3
TSAS 405A Computers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications 2
TSAS 405B Computers in the Workplace II/Focus on Hardware, Internet, Applications and Security 2
COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading 4
COM 210 Public Speaking 3
FORT 578 Forest Insects & Diseases 2
HT 404 Plant Propagation 4
HT 428 Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (II) 2
SAFS 679 Food Production Field Experience I 4
Second Year
HT 529 Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (Greenhouse Practicum and Capstone I) 2
HT 557 Woody Landscape Plants 3
HT 405 Plants, People, Place 2
HT 458 Herbaceous Ornamental Plants 2
HT 575 Hydroponics 2
HT 585 Fruit and Vegetable Production 3
HT 597 Horticultural Work Experience 0
SAFS 680 Food Production Field Experience II 4
ABM 404A
ABM 404B
Introduction to Business I
and Introduction to Business II
HT 530 Horticultural Facilities Mgmt (Greenhouse Practicum and Capstone II) 2
HT 576 Greenhouse Crop Production 2
SSCI 201
Human Relations
or Social Issues
Choose one of the following: 4
Managerial Accounting  
Applied Sales  
Small Business Law  
 Total Credits70