Horticultural Technology: Landscape Construction and Management Concentration (A.A.S.)

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Landscape construction and management has been projected to be one of the fastest growing service industries of the coming decade. It is a field that also offers unparalleled aesthetic satisfaction and meaningful reward. To succeed in the landscape industry increasingly requires a degree of technical and scientific expertise, as well as creativity, artistry, and problem-solving skills. Students in the landscape operation concentration gain a solid foundation by completing core requirements in the fundamentals of plant growth and development, soils, plant identification, pruning, and plant health care. They then complete a series of landscape maintenance, construction, and business courses. This combination prepares them to become successful members of the landscape industry. In their classes, students meld theory and practice, and then apply what they learn in weekly lab periods and on-site visits to area operations.

Career Opportunities

Landscape construction specialist, garden center/nursery sales, or maintenance/management for golf courses, schools and parks, private and public grounds.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the Thompson School of Applied Science General Education requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Horticultural Technology Landscape Construction Management program. Landscape Construction Management students are required to take:

HT 405Plants, People, Place2
HT 407Plant Structure and Function4
HT 415Soils and Land Use2
HT 416Soils and Plant Nutrition2
HT 454Irrigation Design3
HT 458Herbaceous Ornamental Plants2
HT 460Sustainable Plant Management4
HT 553"Pond-less" Water Feature Design and Installation2
HT 554Sustainable Irrigation and Rain Harvesting3
HT 555Landscape Lighting Design and Installation2
HT 563Landscape Construction4
HT 565Turf Management4
HT 557Woody Landscape Plants3
HT 572Landscape Design Studio4
HT 597Horticultural Work Experience0
AM 462Internal Combustion Engines II4
ABM 404AIntroduction to Business I2
ABM 404BIntroduction to Business II2
FORT 564Arboriculture3
FORT 578Forest Insects & Diseases2
Choose one of the following:
Managerial Accounting
Applied Sales
Small Business Law
TSAS 405AComputers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications2
TSAS 405BComputers in the Workplace II/Focus on Hardware, Internet, Applications and Security2
SSCI 403Environmental Issues & Society2
Total Credits60

Landscape Operations Concentration Program of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
COM 210 Public Speaking 3
HT 407 Plant Structure and Function 4
HT 415 Soils and Land Use (Half-term I) 2
HT 416 Soils and Plant Nutrition (Half-term II) 2
HT 553 "Pond-less" Water Feature Design and Installation 2
HT 555 Landscape Lighting Design and Installation 2
TSAS 405A Computers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications 2
TSAS 405B Computers in the Workplace II/Focus on Hardware, Internet, Applications and Security 2
COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading 4
FORT 578 Forest Insects & Diseases 2
HT 460 Sustainable Plant Management 4
HT 454 Irrigation Design 3
MTH 202 College Algebra 3
SSCI 201
Human Relations
or Social Issues
Second Year
FORT 564 Arboriculture 3
HT 557 Woody Landscape Plants 3
HT 405 Plants, People, Place 2
HT 458 Herbaceous Ornamental Plants 2
HT 563 Landscape Construction 4
HT 565 Turf Management 4
HT 597 Horticultural Work Experience 0
ABM 404A
ABM 404B
Introduction to Business I
and Introduction to Business II
AM 462 Internal Combustion Engines II 4
HT 554 Sustainable Irrigation and Rain Harvesting 3
HT 572 Landscape Design Studio 4
Choose one of the following: 4
Managerial Accounting  
Applied Sales  
Small Business Law  
 Total Credits76