Culinary Arts and Nutrition: Culinary Arts Concentration (A.A.S)

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Students who complete the requirements for the culinary arts concentration are prepared for a variety of positions working as chefs in the hospitality industry. In a program that combines classroom work with practical experience, students learn and explore career opportunities, menu development, cost control, food safety, baking, nutrition, management skills, and general education. Culinary arts students manage and operate two on-campus restaurants that are open to the public.  180 Blue, a fine dining restaurant, and Stacey's Express, a lunchtime casual dining experience, serve as lab settings where students round out their culinary experience and build their skills as culinarians.  Through a unique partnership with University Hospitality Services, students complete rotations in state-of-the-art production kitchens on campus at Holloway Commons. These rotations provide opportunities to develop proficiency in contemporary and classical culinary techniques and cooking methods related to a la carte, banquet, and quantity food production and service. The culinary arts concentration is annually reviewed by its own advisory committee of industry professionals, program faculty, and chef-instructors who revise the curriculum to meet changing industry needs. The culinary arts program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).  Students who join the American Culinary Federation become certified culinarians after graduating from the Culinary Arts and Nutrition program.

Career Opportunities

Chef in restaurants, hotels, private clubs, theme parks, catering and banquet facilities, destination resorts, cruise ships, corporate chains, and health care facilities.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the Thompson School of Applied Science General Education requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Culinary Arts and Nutrition program. Culinary Arts students are required to take:

CAN 401Food Preparation Fundamentals2
CAN 403Culinary Arts and Baking Skills Development4
CAN 404Baking and Pastry Fundamentals4
CAN 407Hospitality Sanitation and Safety1
CAN 422Cuisine and Culture4
CAN 426Dining Room Practicum3
CAN 443Quantity Food Production and Display Cooking4
CAN 506Food and Beverage Cost Control4
CAN 525American and Regional Cuisine5
CAN 528Culinary Nutrition2
CAN 535International Cuisine5
CAN 544Catering and Garde Manger4
ABM 506Human Resource Management4
TSAS 405AComputers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications2
COM 210Public Speaking3
Choose one of the following:2-5
Culinary Arts Internship 1
Work Experience (plus additional 2 credits of elective coursework)
Total Credits53-56

 CAN 597 is by invitation only

Culinary Arts Concentration Program of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CAN 401 Food Preparation Fundamentals 2
CAN 403 Culinary Arts and Baking Skills Development 4
CAN 407 Hospitality Sanitation and Safety 1
COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading 4
MTH 202 College Algebra 3
TSAS 405A Computers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications 2
CAN 404 Baking and Pastry Fundamentals 4
CAN 422 Cuisine and Culture 4
CAN 426 Dining Room Practicum 3
CAN 443 Quantity Food Production and Display Cooking 4
COM 210 Public Speaking 3
Second Year
CAN 506 Food and Beverage Cost Control 4
CAN 525 American and Regional Cuisine 5
CAN 528 Culinary Nutrition 2
Select one of the following: 2-5
Culinary Arts Internship 1  
Work Experience (plus additional 2 credits of elective coursework)  
ABM 506 Human Resource Management 4
CAN 535 International Cuisine 5
CAN 544 Catering and Garde Manger 4
SSCI 202 Social Issues 4
 Total Credits64-67

CAN 597 Culinary Arts Internship is by invitation only