Culinary Arts and Nutrition: Baking and Pastry Arts Concentration (A.A.S.)

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Educated consumers are building demand for real foods, moving away from processed, commercially prepared industrial baked foods into appreciation and recognition of artisan and skillfully prepared baked goods made using fresh, local products. This trend fits right into the renewed emphasis of farm to table and locally-sourced foods at the Thompson School. In addition, the increase in food allergies among consumers requires today’s chefs and bakers to be skilled in the ability to substitute ingredients in order to meet these specific dietary needs. The Baking and Pastry Arts concentration starts with foundation courses to build a broad base of knowledge and skills in food science, nutrition, culinary arts, team work, and communication. Coursework offers ample opportunity for hands-on experiences, especially in the lab courses. Working collaboratively with culinary arts concentration students, baking and pastry arts students will prepare baked goods that will be served in 180 Blue and Stacey's Express, the Thompson School’s two on-campus restaurants run by students.  Additionally, students will apply their skills in the baking and pastry arts field with a required work experience and in externship to gain valuable real-world experience valued by employers.

Career Opportunities

Baker in diverse environments including commercial, retail, restaurants, hotels, catering operations, and entrepreneurs in small businesses.

Candidates for a degree must satisfy all of the Thompson School of Applied Science General Education requirements in addition to satisfying the requirements of the Culinary Arts and Nutrition program. Baking and Pastry Arts students are required to take:

CAN 401Food Preparation Fundamentals2
CAN 403Culinary Arts and Baking Skills Development4
CAN 404Baking and Pastry Fundamentals4
CAN 405Retail Baking and Merchandising4
CAN 407Hospitality Sanitation and Safety1
CAN 422Cuisine and Culture4
CAN 504Intermediate Baking4
CAN 506Food and Beverage Cost Control4
CAN 507Advanced Baking4
CAN 508Baking and Pastry Externship5
CAN 528Culinary Nutrition2
CAN 598Work Experience0
ABM 404AIntroduction to Business I2
ABM 506Human Resource Management4
COM 210Public Speaking3
TSAS 405AComputers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications2

Baking and Pastry Arts Concentration Program of Study

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CAN 401 Food Preparation Fundamentals 2
CAN 403 Culinary Arts and Baking Skills Development 4
CAN 407 Hospitality Sanitation and Safety 1
COM 209 Expository Writing and Reading 4
MTH 202 College Algebra 3
TSAS 405A Computers in the Workplace/Focus on Software Applications 2
CAN 404 Baking and Pastry Fundamentals 4
CAN 405 Retail Baking and Merchandising 4
CAN 422 Cuisine and Culture 4
COM 210 Public Speaking 3
ABM 404A Introduction to Business I 2
Second Year
CAN 504 Intermediate Baking 4
CAN 506 Food and Beverage Cost Control 4
CAN 528 Culinary Nutrition 2
CAN 598 Work Experience 0
Elective 4
ABM 506 Human Resource Management 4
CAN 507 Advanced Baking 4
CAN 508 Baking and Pastry Externship 5
SSCI 202 Social Issues 4
 Total Credits64