Law (LAW) (LAW)

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LAW 9VS - Visting Scholars

Credits: 0

LAW 475 - Getting Ready to Succeed in Law School

Credits: 2

Getting Ready to Succeed in Law School (LAW 475) will teach students how to prepare for a legal education. The course will instruct students on the LSAT exam and offer valuable strategies on how to improve LSAT scores. Such instruction will include administration of practice test questions as well as explanations for answers. This two-credit course will also explain the necessary study skills to excel in law school. Those skills include how to effectively brief a case, develop a course outline, organize an exam answer and identify and explore legal arguments from multiple—and often competing—perspectives. In addition, students will be taught IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis and Conclusion), the foundation of legal analysis and writing. Further, students will be exposed to core foundations of law through guest speakers including LAW faculty. Cr/F.