Feminist Studies (Graduate Certificate)

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The Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies at the University of New Hampshire is designed to provide students with an opportunity to pursue feminist scholarship within a structured, interdisciplinary curriculum.  The Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies can be earned by students enrolled in a Graduate Degree Program, or as a stand-alone certificate for those who have completed their Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution.

The Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies enables students to develop specific skills for use in their own personal and professional development by providing tools such as feminist theoretical frameworks and an understanding of contemporary feminist activism. The Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate also enables students to conduct research in the areas of critical Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and centrally relies on analyses from such fields as critical race, ethnicity, nationality, class, age, religion, and disability studies.

The faculty of the Women's Studies program will act as advisors to students pursuing the certificate, helping to plan and facilitate an individualized course of study that fulfills student's academic, professional, and research needs. The certificate provides students a concentrated inquiry in advanced Feminist Studies that is supplemental to their disciplinary training, thereby qualifying them for positions requiring such expertise. In addition, it is an added component to graduate studies that informs and enriches careers, activism, and professional networks.

Intended Audience

The Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies is intended to serve the needs of both students who are matriculated in a graduate program and non-degree students who are interested in developing specific knowledge in the areas of feminist theory, critical women’s, gender, and sexuality studies as well as feminist methodologies.  There are three specific audiences:

  • Current and future UNH graduate students from a variety of M.A. and Ph.D. programs who would like to connect their area of study to feminist theory and critical women’s, sexuality, and gender studies, gain specific knowledge and skills in Feminist Studies and graduate with an additional, demonstrable credential;
  • UNH graduates with bachelor’s degrees, who may or may not have majored or minored in Women’s Studies, whose career paths have led them to seek more knowledge and skills in feminist theory and critical women’s, gender, and sexuality studies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the issues involved in their current job and/or to pursue advancement in their field;  
  • Members of the community or residents of the greater Seacoast region who hold a bachelor’s or graduate degree who are interested in connecting their previous areas of study or current intellectual or political interests with the aspects of feminist theory and critical women’s, gender, and sexuality studies by pursuing additional knowledge and skills in these areas.

Please visit the the Graduate School Website for detailed instructions about applying for the graduate certificate program.

This graduate certificate program requires 12 total credits.

Required Courses

WS 632Feminist Thought (WS 832)4
WS 798Colloquium (WS 898)4

Elective Courses

Students will be advised by the certificate program director and other participating faculty members about which electives might be most appropriate and consistent with their interests and career goals. The list of approved electives affords students opportunities to focus on particular areas of feminist or to seek the acquire additional methodological skills and disciplinary approaches in areas such as policy analysis or economics. Other electives offered by the University of New Hampshire graduate programs may be approved by the Feminist Studies certificate program director.

Any 2 courses, 6 credits

WS 796Advanced Topics (WS 896)4
WS 798Colloquium (WS 898)4
EDUC 932Society and Culture: Contemporary Issues in Counseling4
EDUC 950Research in Culture, Behavior, and Development4
EDUC 818Critical Social Justice in and Beyond Education4
ENGL 897Special Studies in Literature4
ENGL 914Special Topics in Composition and Rhetoric4
ENGL 922Advanced Topics in Literacy Instruction1-6
ENGL 927Seminar: Feminist Criticism Theory and Practice4
ENGL 935Seminar: Studies in American Literature4
ENGL 974Seminar: Studies in 20th Century British Literature4
HDFS 857Race, Class, Gender, and Families4
HIST 865Themes in Women's History4
HIST 897Colloquium (Queer Theory)4
MGT 798Topics (Women in Leadership)4
POLT 821Feminist Political Theory3
PPOL 902Strategy and Practice of Public Policy3
PPOL 912Strategies for Policy Impact3
SOC 876Family Violence Research Seminar4
SPAN 897Topics in Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies3
SPAN 898Topics in Hispanic Linguistics and Cultural Studies3
SW 801Women and Aging3