Information Technology (M.S.)

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The Master of Science in Information Technology (MS IT) program prepares students for a professional IT or computing-related career and for advanced studies in a computing discipline. Designed for people with a strong interest in computing technology as well as working IT professionals, the program gives students the flexibility to enroll full- or part-time. For diligent undergraduate students, this program is also available as an Accelerated Master’s Program. 

Degree Requirements

The M.S. IT program has two options: thesis and project.

Both options require completion of 33 credits (11 courses), including:

  • Five core information technology courses (18 credits) and
  • Two IT integration courses (6 credits).

In addition,

M.S. Thesis option requires

  • Two elective course (6 credits) and
  • COMP 899 Master's Thesis (6 credits)to be completed under the supervision of a thesis adviser and a thesis committee of at least three members.

M.S. Project option requires

  • Three elective courses (9 credits)
  • COMP 898 Master's Project (3 credits) to be completed under the supervision of a faculty adviser.
Core IT Courses
COMP 805Web Application Development3
COMP 815Information Security3
COMP 820Database Systems and Technologies3
COMP 830Object-Oriented Software Development3
COMP 835Networking Technologies3
IT Integration Courses
COMP 851System Integration and Architecture3
COMP 890Internship1-3
Elective Courses6-9
Select two or more elective courses (depending on concluding experience option) from other graduate computing courses offered in the program 1
Concluding Experience
Complete the thesis or project option
COMP 898Master's Project 23
COMP 899Master's Thesis6

Because of the applied and professional nature of this program, students are encouraged to consider electives in application domains of IT, such as analytics, business, education, engineering, management, public health, software development, and more. For students seeking a career change or with an interest in a particular domain of IT, we recommend the COMP 890 Internship.


The project course typically deals with an authentic project or problem to solve, which is integrative in nature and requires IT research.