Autism Spectrum Disorder (Graduate Certificate)

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This program will serve the professional development needs of a wide variety of individuals, including:

  1. parents of children with ASD;
  2. special and general education teachers and administrators; speech-­language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavioral consultants, recreation therapists; and
  3. graduate students in other University majors such as sociology or psychology.

    For more information please visit the Autism Spectrum Disorder website.


Please visit the Graduate School website for detailed instructions about applying to the certificate program.

The coursework for the graduate certificate consists of 13-15 credits from the following required and elective course offerings. Highly qualified individuals may petition for permission to waive a required course. Applicants are urged to schedule an appointment with the program coordinators to develop their individualized course of study. Applications for graduate certificates are available through the Graduate School website.

Required Courses
EDUC 857Contemporary Issues in Autism Spectrum Disorders4
COMM 916Autism Spectrum Disorders3
Select two of the following based on individual advising: 1
EDUC #853Contemporary Issues in Behavioral Disabilities4
EDUC #854Contemporary Issues of Developmental Disabilities4
EDUC #855Facilitating Social Understanding and Relationships for Students with Disabilities2
EDUC #952Inclusive Assessment, Curriculum, Instruction, and Communication Supports4
EDUC 956Learning to Listen: Developing Positive Behavior Supports for Students with Challenging Behaviors4
OT courses in Assistive Technology including:
OT 822Introduction to Assistive Technology4
OT 826Assistive Technology and Sensory, Communicative, and Cognitive Disabilities4
COMM 914Augmentative and Alternative Communication3-4
HDFS 897Special Topics (Impact of Autism on the Family)1-4