Earth Sciences (M.S.)

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The department of Earth Sciences offers a Master of Science degree with a specialization in Geochemical Systems.

Students in the thesis option must satisfactorily complete at least 30 credits, which include the credits accumulated in the core curriculum. Students in this option must complete a master's thesis (6 credits) and give an oral presentation of the results.

Students in the non-­thesis option must satisfactorily complete at least 34 credits, which includes the core curriculum, a 2­-credit directed research project (ESCI 898 Directed Research), and a written and oral presentation of that research.

Geochemical Systems Specialization

The core curriculum for the specialization in geochemical systems normally includes:

Select three of the following courses:9-12
Aqueous Geochemistry
Chemical Oceanography
Isotope Geochemistry
Required Courses:
ESCI 997Seminar in Earth Sciences (first year)1
ESCI 998Proposal Development (first year)1
Select Master's Thesis or Directed Research:
ESCI 899Master's Thesis6
ESCI 898Directed Research2